We create beautiful websites and web applications

Our philosophy

We believe every corner of the Internet should offer a beautiful user experience. Capsule Digital was created to help businesses provide their customers with that experience, whilst still achieving their goals for having an online presence. This intersection of user experience driven design and usability is our speciality.

What We Do

Branding & Design

Branding is responsible for creating an emotional connection with your customers. With or without a brand, we'll uncover your demographic and translate everything into a design that works.

Web Development

Custom websites and web applications that match your brand and goals is the crux of what Capsule Digital brings to the table. We exclusively use battle-tested, open source web technologies.

Digital Strategy

Understanding the intersection between design, business, and technology is crucial to developing a digital strategy. We consult on leveraging design & technology to achieve business goals.

  • Agile Development

    We build projects using an agile development methodology. This allows us to deliver faster and provide more transparency around project schedule and budget.

    Our projects are completed in single day sprints, meaning you get our full focus on your project each day that we work on it, and we review progress each morning afterwards.

    The process starts with UX ideation, feature definition, and development prioritisation, then we book in development sprints for your project.

  • Delivery Standards

    We want everyone to have a brilliant experience when using your website. To acheive this, every website we deliver is fully responsive, meaning it will work on all tablet and mobile devices.

    Our projects aren't proprietary and don't have associated recurring expenses. We'll set you up with free hosting, you won't need an SEO team, and any good developer can use our code.

    Although we deliver projects in an indepedent state, we'll always be here for you if you want to continue developing and expanding your project.

We deliver in daysnot weeks, never months

What We've Been Up To

  • AUSTartups

    Online community for entrepreneurs to discover, promote, and connect with other entrepreneurs and startups across Australia.

    中国 Consumer Connect

    Melbourne-based startup that helps local businesses connect with their Chinese customers through Chinese social media platforms.

    Ben Richardson

    Personal website containing a brief career portfolio, past experiences, and personal recommendations for our in-house hacker, Ben Richardson.

We're a small but talented team

  • Team Member

    Andrew Chin

    Andrew specialises in branding and user experience. How will your demographic feel about that sans-serif font? Andrew can tell you.

    Team Member

    Ben Richardson

    Ben loves code. He turns Andrew's thoughts into frontend code, installs backend functionality, runs tests, and deploys to a live server.

    Team Member

    New Friend

    We're currently looking to expand our team. We're seeking a part-time frontend coder who's comfortable in a Rails environment.

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